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rachel picAre you are on a spiritual quest for real answers and meaning in your life?

You had enough of celebrating a holiday a certain way just because that’s how your family/neighbours do it?

You’ve been thinking about this stuff for a while now, and want more than the usual fluff answers we tend to get.

You know there MUST be more to life, to the holidays, to self-improvement, to finding real happiness & peace, and want to know how it all fits together !

then……WELCOME to amysticmind !

Hey there, I’m Rachel.
Nice to meet you!

During a very socially awkward youth, I spent most of my days hiding in libraries reading books. People around me thought I was wasting my time and should just join a club or something, but I was having a blast reading and thinking. I seem to have been born obsessed with esoteric spiritual knowledge, and that is all I ever wanted. I loved absorbing as much as I could about all things weird & wonderful: spiritual, religious, mythological, psychological, astrological, astronomical, ancient history, cosmological, and most everything in between.

As a less socially awkward adult, I engaged in many fruitless discussions with religious and spiritual leaders. I wanted religion to make sense, in the real world. Not have its own logic that didn’t fit anywhere else.

You see, Western culture has a huge discrepancy between what’s viewed as success and what is spiritual – I wanted both – it all had to make sense, somehow. For all their knowledge, it still felt as if all I could get were superficial roundabout explanations. The answers didn’t hold up to questioning, or even to historical, archeological or scientific evidence. I wanted more. I wanted Real Answers.

and a mysticmind was born

This site will share the end result of decades of research and questioning, exposing the logic and history behind many spiritual practices. It will bring together spiritual teachings and rituals from diverse practices, ancient history, mythology, cutting edge science, and the Earth herself, to give a complex detailed story.  One that may be somewhat unusual, but finally makes sense.


ouro ohmThe Age of Aquarius

We are now in the Age of Aquarius – the Age of Knowledge. The world is no longer about Faith and blind trust in what we are told, but about unifying and empowering ourselves through true knowledge, and living our joy.

A meaningful life is lived in the depths, from the heart, not the superficial appearances.

My mysticmind is open! I want to know.

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