Rebirth of the Sun – Chanukah

This is the time we celebrate winning a war, killing more people than the other guys and hijacking a major religion by lighting a candelabra, eating potato pancakes and jelly donuts. Yum. We’re taught that Chanukah is a celebration of the “miracle of the oil” when one vial of oil lasted for 8 days, on the Hebrews reclaiming of Solomon’s Temple.
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Oy ! Our Ascending Brains !

What if…..our consciousness IS the hidden spiritual realm both quantum physics and spirituality tell of….By altering our brain waves and way of experiencing, we can alter reality. By going deep into our own selves, we are able to touch other worlds! It is our frequency that is ascending, merging ourselves, time and other dimensions. Read Post

Flesh and Machines

Iron Man Suit

Flesh has the potential to vibrate higher, as our own consciousness raises. If so, then can the same machines that keep us alive also lower our vibration and block our spiritual development? Read Post

Accessing Our Immortality

Immortality is common  to all cultures and religions. Each provides ways for us to become better, cleaner, purer, more caring beings. At the end of that is immortality. The debate is if its immortality of the soul or the body. Similarly, the aging boomer generation (those in their 50’s and … Read Post