Can You See My Aura?

woman-energy-body-blue-aura-chakras-energy-silhouetteWe have all probably known people who claim to see the human aura.
How can some people see an invisible blob of shifting colours, when most people can’t?  This just seems too weird!

Let’s look again…..
Every living “thing” in our world runs on an electro-chemical energy system.
In addition to our chemical vascular/muscular system, the human nervous system is electric, controlled by neurotransmitters. Some transmitters cause the electrical signals to fire, some inhibit electrical signals, others speed up, slow down, change the frequency, store energy, etc. The abundance and use of a specific neurotransmitter depends on need, health, mood, food,plant aura and much more.

The neurotransmitters and the chemical building blocks for them are mostly stored in the (human) spinal column until sent to the brain or body as needed prednisone 20mg tablets. They travel quickly along the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves. While they can travel faster than adrenaline, adrenaline lasts longer. When combined like this, we get an immediate boost in energy that can maintain us as needed. Other life forms such plants, aminals or insects use their own nervous systems – and hopefully not ours!

Medical tests such as the E.E.G. (brain wave electroencephalogram) & E.K.G. (heart wave electrocardiogram) measure electrical activity from the brain and heart. These measurements are taken from the surrounding areas, and not the organ itself. Studies out of Russia show that our D.N.A. works by sending out photons as well as chemical messengers, also utilizing a dual electrical system.

human auraBack to the Aura
The ‘aura’ is the human electrical field. It can be measured.
The body sends out electrical signals; their frequency and strength varying with the strength of activity and health of the nervous system, or body/mind.

If our nervous system is weak from illness, exhaustion, or even electrcial interference, our auras can become “ill.”  This will show as a change in colour or strength of part or the whole aura.

There is a special type of photography, called Kirlian photography, that can photograph electrical fields and the aura in full colour. These cameras can often be found a psychic fairs and such shows. They are also used in proper scientific enquiry of electrical phenomema, not just as a side show act.

How Can People See the Aura?
That is a good question!
My best guess is this: just as people vary in the sensitivity of other senses, they vary in their abililty to “see” a greater range of frequencies. Some people can hear sounds others cannot, some can see the flickering of flourescent lights while most cannot (it is SO annoying), and some can see the frequency of an aura.

Healers who work with energy can detect areas in our energy field where energy is blocked or depleted, and sometimes assist in clearing out or balancing energy. This energy has many names in other cultures: chi, ki, prana or “the force” and is the basis of acupuncture, and its related field, acupressure.

The aura has been depicted throughout history in literaturesaint aura and paintings.
Angel pictures show it as a halo; pictures of Jesus often depict a light around his head. Auras are not unique to angels and religious leaders, but may be stronger in those who are more “whole.”

This kind of evidence means the aura is not just a scam or carnival act, but is a measureable effect of life.

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