Return to One


With the change of Ages and these fascinating times we are living in (Age of Aquarius & the collapse of Western civilization), finding meaning, spirituality & living from the heart means more than it has in a very long time.

A mystic mind, like so many of you, is looking for ways to create wholeness & unity, and is just tired of the separations between people. Much more is accomplished with co-operation rather than competition.

This blog will explore the cross-cultural & scientific similarities between holidays, spiritual rituals, practices and symbols; and their practical applications.

While there is a huge amount of spiritual information available and many paths to choose from, they tend to remain isolated in their own systems.

What is missing is a way to combine ALL knowledge to fit together coherently: sciences, ancient history, mythology, astrology, astronomy, cosmology, energy, and anything weird & wonderful.

Science has shown us that the world is alive & interactive with our minds. Its time to use that knowledge to our advantage; creating lives of unity, peace & joy.

The universe originated with One – one egg, one molecule, one thought, one sound, or one big bang – let’s return our consciousness to that state of wholeness.

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