“In these fascinating times……”


The Virus and the West’s response to it, are forcing us to rethink many things about ourselves, lives, culture, etc. Our brains are being rewired with this new reality and all the new programming and catch phrases.

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Can We Make a Memory?

Often I see an ad or headline on reality or a talk show where they give the impression of getting into deep issues. This particular reality show referred to a man tearing up at discussing a painful experience, as “being emotional”. The MC never actually named the emotion, or really went into it, just asking “why are you so emotional” where the answer seemed obvious.

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For All the Swingers…

When we think of a pendulum, our mind often goes to the stage hypnotist. “Keep your eyes on the object…” For those who are more spiritually inclined, we see a crystal on a chain which can be used for finding answers. Or even a Grandfather Clock. A pendulum is a…

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What is the Tarot Reading?

Tarot Cards

The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot correspond to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 22 paths of the Tree of Life. They take into account the principles of astrology, secret sciences such as numerology and mathematics. According to Lévi, the Tarot is therefore “the most perfect tool” to be implemented to understand the unintelligible

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