These Fascinating Times Have Turned Dark

1 of 10 New Corona Mutations
1 of 10 Corona Mutations

CoronaVirus Part II – for now

Four months into the Corona Lockdown, the wonderful idea of ‘we are all in this together – apart” has become nasty. At least here in North America, fear is so overwhelmng that people truly beleive if they leave their home or see an unmasked person they themselves will die. Fear overtook the logic, science, compassion and basic kindness we saw in the beginning.

Everyday on online forums someone posts about trouble breathing in a mask. Many jump down their throat saying its impossible because a doctor made a youtube video of him/herself masking and measuring their O2 stats. Yeah, this is our modern science. To date, I have not been able to find a study or reference of a study to that effect, and especially of a breathing or otherwise impaired person doing that same test. Please let me know if I missed one.

People who have trouble with masks are told its anxiety that causes O2 sat drops (video reference above), passing out, facial hives/allergic reactions, or other bad reactions. Many are also told that they need to stay home, even from life saving medical treatments. Its better they die for the greater good. Wow.

The mandatory use of masks is more a sign of social go-along-ness rather than science. There is horrific peer pressure and dirty looks. Each state, province, country, region has its own rulings on social distancing, masks, testing and so on. This lawsuit in Toronto Canada questions the Constitutionality of mask laws and aims to bring logic and science back into it.

When all else fails, it comes down to name calling. Nobody wants to be labelled in a bad way so compliance is increases. “Karen” and “narcissist” are the latest terms of insult. A “Karen” is a tribe in Burma, but now is a pejorative term used in English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as demanding beyond what is appropriate. As of 2020, the term was increasingly being used as a general-purpose term of disapproval for middle-aged white women. (Wikipedia)

Two recent studies from Poland discussed narcissistic traits in those less likely to follow rules. The news article is inflammatory with so much misleading information, and the study itself isn’t much better. Equating not beleiving the medias portrayal of death around every corner is a narcissistic trait. Buying more food than usual is too – even though entire families are home and eating out really isn’t much of an option. Narcissist is one of the latest trendy derogatory insults and seems applied far too often.

While we are busy at each others throats, we missed all the executive orders being passed, giving governments almost unlimited power, new laws, changes in education, funding, technology and 5G, while the corporate stores have more ‘rights’ than the small businesses that are closing down daily.

The governments give people money claiming $2000 is needed as a minimum to live and the money makes up for that lost through lack of jobs or Corona supplies. Seniors, the unemployed and disabled are living on 1/4 to 1/2 of that and are told more cutbacks are coming. At the same time, discussions are taking place in many countries about a universal basic income, taking the stress off some people and the economy. How do you value a life? It must be more than earning ability.

The latest research seems to indicate the Corona Virus may have originated in that Wuhan market from animals. It was previously thought to be from bats, but the proteins of the virus more closely match those of a local type snake.

I have no fear of the serpent sir, 
I am a child of the old world.

Quote from “The Mists of Avalon”
Painting Leonardo da Vinci, Woman with Snake.

I wanted to link to my other post about the meaning of the snake/serpent, but didn’t write it yet. My bad. It will be coming soon. Short version – the serpent represents knowledge, wisdom and female sexuality, this is seen across many cultures. Two snakes are the Cadeucus, based on the Staff of Hermes, and are the symbol of the medical profession.

Some neighbourhoods are uniting to support each other, through websites or email lists. If someone is in need, they post and others help out.

So this Virus, in creating worldwide chaos, also gives a way to elevate our own consciousness. Maybe its just me, but this past month I am seeing more references and articles to gender and sexual identity. Black Lives Matter, as do all lives. Revamping statues that once were acceptable are now seen as offensive. Our consciousness is shifting and expanding. All these represent a more inclusive egalatarian mindset – the Feminine.

In this mess, we have the Darkness and the Light clearly visible at the same time in the same place. And still, after 4 months, everything continues to feel surreal. The world is not grounded and is flooded by high spiritual energies. Its bringing out the best and worst in people.

It really might be best to avoid the fallout and any negative energies in the process. Isolating at home minimizing complications. And, of yeah, the virus, too.

Change is still easier than usual but fear does what it does best – create separation and the illusory need to put ones needs ahead of everyone else. And yet, by working together with cooperation and compassion, everyone’s life can be better.

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