Flesh and Machines

Iron Man SuitWhen I started this blog, I had no intention to write so much about immortality. It just happened. The intention was, and is, to write about the scientific explanations for spiritual ideas and practices.

It has been quite a while since my last article. As much as we try, sometimes life gets in the way, and family health crises certainly qualify.

Sometimes, no amount of positive thinking, meditation, mind-body or alternative treatments can help prevent health crises, or resolve the ultimate causes of such. Bad things may happen. Then what do we do? Deal with the moment the best way possible, then later, look deeper for causes and other ways to heal.

Medical science is amazing these days! Everything follows a matrix: if this, do this. If that, do that. Step by step. Almost mindless. They make the near impossible look easy in a few simple steps, like it’s no big deal.

We have come to expect these everyday miracles as normal. When someone can’t be treated or cured, that is a cause for question. We look around and see more and more people, living longer & with more diseases. This is the miracle of our medical system.

And behind all these miracles are the mind/body, philosophical & ethical issues that often get pushed aside in the name of sustaining Life. It is the use of chemistry, machines and technology that make all this possible.

smartphoneI have never been a fan of the singularity and the ‘takeover’ by technology.  So when machines are used, it seems to violate my values. And gets me thinking.

If our soul is in a flesh and blood body, then machines are unnatural and evil. You know, machines other than smart phones, computers, cars, bank machines and all the fun stuff that makes our lifestyle possible. Machines such as artificial organs, limbs, pacemakers, and implants.

If there are benefits to machinery supporting and enabling life, how is that different from our body? Our body is the means for our soul/life force to interact in this physical world. It is not necessarily native to our spiritual essence, but living flesh allows us to function. It was created by those Forces that created Life.

These new technologies were once external to the bodyCreating Life but now become internal to it.

If we are the image/essence of the Creator, we desire to create life. Using our best knowledge to date, we use machines.

Looking even deeper, according to quantum physics, everything is vibrations. Vibrations of flesh, steel, electrons. It is all dense energy. There is no difference between our body and machine.

Using this logic, its impossible to say using a machine to support life is wrong and unnatural. But somehow, emotionally, it doesn’t seem right. But then again, sometimes right and wrong get very blurry and we can’t always tell one from the other.

What if “wrong” is used to accomplish “right”? Perhaps the only difference between flesh and machine is the density of the energy and vibrational frequency.

Flesh has the potential to vibrate higher, as our own consciousness raises. If so, then can the same machines that keep us alive also lower our vibration and block our spiritual development? Is it just one more thing to overcome in our own journey?

What do you think?




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