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sirius A and BWelcome to the “Dog Days” of Summer.

The name conjures up an image of a dog panting in the hot Summer’s heat, yet this is only a vague memory of what this time is about. This three week period beginning early July is a change to go deep within ourselves and find renewal.

While astrology tries to explain the influence of the planets over us, it is also true that cosmic bodies’ outside our own system can also affect us. Recent evidence is showing many, if not all, stellar/cosmic events work through plasma physics, rather than nuclear as once thought. Each object in space generates its own electrical fields, which affect the electrical fields from every other object, even at a distance. This electrical view means the universe is much more interactive and dynamic than once thought. And since each planet, and even ourselves, is electro-chemical-magnetic, all cosmic/electric fields can and do influence us. When understood in this manner, astrology may make more sense.

Events from outside our Solar System represent more of an archetypal energy, resonating deep in the back of our minds and activating our consciousness is various ways. One such cycle is the yearly conjunction of our Sun with the distant star, Sirius.

Sirius is often referred to as “the Dog star” and is in the constellation “Canis Major” (“the large dog”). It is named after the Egyptian god Anubis/Osiris, whose head is depicted as resembling that of a dog.

Astrologically, it is the star in the tag around the neck of the dog in the constellation, which leaps up to the left of Orion the Huntsman. The Dog Days are the time when the energy of Sirius is present. The Earth and Sun are farthest apart, and the Sun is closest to, and in alignment with Sirius. The summer heat is therefore not the result of Earth’s distance from the Sun, but a result of Earth’s tilt on its axis so Sunlight is in a direct path and angle.

The ancients believed the addition of Sirian energy intensified the heat we experienced. While it may not be heat as such, we do experience additional radiation, verified in the ultra high UV Index readings during this time. The extra radiation is what accounts for the heat, pressure and intensity we feel in our lives during these weeks.  To some, the energy feels otherworldly, strange, like walking through a fog or unreal. Our most challenging things happened emotionally and physically.

Sirius A and B
sun sirius risingNo study of ancient Egypt is complete without its endless references to the heliacal rising of Sirius. Sirius is a multiple star system. Sirius A, B and possibly C, most easily found by tracing the belt of Orion downwards.

Sirius A is the largest and brightest of the system and Sirius B, is in an elliptical orbit around A. Sirius B is very small, almost the size of Earth at 7,500  miles across, but contains almost the entire mass of our sun. It’s surface is 300 times harder, and  its interior density is 3,000 times greater than that of a diamond. It spins on its axis very quickly, at 23 times a minute. This weight, size and spin combine to generate massive, powerful, magnetic fields.

While it is classified as a white dwarf star, it is more like a mini black hole, so heavy and dense that very little visible light comes from it.  While there is little visible light, there is a lot of light and activity when viewed in an x-ray telescope.


Sirius C
Discrepancies in the orbits of Sirius A and B indicate there is a third star, Sirius C, that has not yet been found by modern astronomy. The Dogon people of the Sahara Desert in Africa have a religion based on ancient knowledge of the Sirius system.

Nuwa & FuxiThe Dogon believe Sirius to be the Ancient Mermanaxis of the universe, and from it all matter and souls are produced in a great spiral motion. They tell of their ancestors, the Nommos, amphibious beings, coming to earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind. The Nommos are also called Masters of the Water, the Monitors, and the Teachers. The Nommos were more fish-like than human, living in the water, and passed on great spiritual and astronomical knowledge.

Modern science tells us that life came from the waters. Many cultures from around the world tell stories of fish people, including mermaids and mermen.

Star of David in ChakraThe six sided star is known as a religious symbols of Hebrews, called the Star of David.  The Hindus called the same symbol the Mark of Vishnu, who was reportedly from an ancient race of half-human half-fish beings, the divine Matsya.



Heliacal Rising
The heliacal rising of a star (or any other cosmic body) occurs when it first becomes visible above the eastern horizon, briefly just before sunrise, after a period of not being visible.

Each day after the heliacal rising, the star will rise slightly earlier and remain visible for longer before it disappears into the rising sun. Eventually it is no longer visible in the sky at dawn because it has already set below the western horizon. This is called the cosmic setting. The same star will reappear in the eastern sky at dawn approximately one year after its previous heliacal rising. Because the heliacal rising depends on the observation of the object, its exact timing can be dependent on weather conditions and the location (latitude and longitude of the observer). As is true of any star, Sirius is only visible between the time of its helical rising and setting. Conversely, it is invisible from the time of heliacal setting until its heliacal rising.

Of all the stars surrounding us, Sirius is the only one who’s yearly cycle matches our own solar year of 365.25 days. Just after the heliacal rising of Sirius, Venus becomes the evening star instead of the morning star. It is, in essence, reborn. The heliacal rising is about 13.5-14 degree Cancer, which used to be near the Summer Solstice.

The cosmic setting of Sirius at that time was after the Spring Equinox, when it was invisible below the Egyptian horizon for about 70 days, before it emerged again in the east in the morning. This was viewed as a time of death and rebirth. The ancient Egyptians would not bury their dead during the time, since Sirius, the gateway to the “other world” was not open and the soul of the departed would not be able to make it across.


Sirius is first visible just before sunrise around July 4th, and takes about 20 days until the Sun and Sirius rise together, referred to astronomically and astrologically as the Sun-Sirius conjunction. There are an equal number of days, 20 or so, coming down from the conjunction as the Sun and Sirius separate in their rising times. This means the period of this event affects us for about 40 days each summer.

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets are at the same degree of zodiac at the same time. This produces an amplification of each of the energies. It is generally considered the beginning of a cycle of some type, and this day is the ‘seed’ that will result in the flowering of energies of these planets.

Sirius has long been considered a source of our spiritual energy, bringing with it growth and change. The transit of Sirius, and especially the day of conjunction, are a challenge, forcing us to expand and change our ways of being. It is usually considered negative, but, depending on one’s consciousness and outlook, it can also be a day of joy and fulfillment.


Sirius lies directly ahead of us in the same arm of the Milky Way, closer to Galactic Centre. Because of solar winds, electric, magnetic and plasma fields that exist in the universe, the energies from these Stars make their way to our solar system where they affect us. For this reason, Sirius was said to be the Sun of our Sun; the spiritual light that gives Life to our Sun.

In the Book of the Dead, Anubis is shown weighing the heart of the deceased. The weight of the heart determined the worthiness of the deceased to enter the realm of the dead. Anubis judged and guided the souls of the dead across this divide to the ‘other world’. Anubis was also known as Anpu and Anu-Oobist, the Opener of the Way, or the Guardian of the Veil. He was also considered a great messenger who carried messages from the Underworld to the Gods and Goddesses of the Heavens, as well as from these deities to mankind itself.

In the Greek “myth” of Jason and the Argonauts, the ship they travelled in while searching for the Golden Fleece was called “Argo”. Astronomically, the constellation of Argo, the Ship, is located just below Sirius. Astrologically this region in the sky has been known as the River of Stars, gateway to the ocean of higher consciousness.

The Chinese recognized this area as the bridge between heaven and hell – the bridge of the gatherer, the judge. Between each life the Soul judges its past progress, and also the conditions needed to aid its future growth. As long as it is attached to desire, sensation, and needs experiences, the Soul continues to come into incarnation. Until it is perfected, the Soul cannot pass over, or through, the Bridge.

Sirius has many names from the many cultures that revered it. Among them:

Greece 7C BC       Serios, meaning glowing or scorcher.
Arabic             al-shira
Sanskrit           mrgavyadha or lubdhaka (deer hunter or hunter).
Representing Rudha, another name or Shiva
Scandinavia             lokabrenna (burning done by Loki or Loki’s torch)
Blackfoot natives      dog-face
Cherokee                 antares, guardian of either end of Path of Souls
The Quran         Surah 53:049 references Sirius as An-Najm (“The Star”).
“That He is the Lord of Sirius (the Mighty Star).”
Old Testament          Mazzaroth
Zorostrianism           Spirit of Wisdom
Latin translation        A transition from one consciousness to another.

The Arabic word Al Shi’ra resembles the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian names suggesting a common origin. In Sanskrit, in which the name Surya, the Sun God, simply means the “shining one.” Shining Ones were an ancient reference to the gods, when they lived on Earth.


Other than the U.S., many other nations recognize July 4th (or thereabouts). All can be related in some way to the transit of Sirius.

Canada – Canada Day, July 1, recognized the enactment of the British North America Act, 1867, which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire

Hindu & Vedic – celebrate a 21 day holiday called “Rath Yatra,” commonly known as the Chariot or Car Festival. It begins the second day after the full moon of the month.

Hebrew/Jewish – from the second day following the full moon there is a time period of 3 weeks, considered a time of heavy judgment.

Ancient Babylon/Sumer – the time of Mourning for Tammuz begins, where the days become shorter and the change of seasons begins.

Ancient Egypt –  associated with the constellation Canis Major and the yearly flooding of the Nile river, which marked the beginning of summer and the growing season.  The first day Sirius appears again after being invisible was considered the New Year, at the Summer Solstice. The 70 days when Sirius is not visible corresponded to the 70 days where Isis and Osiris passed through the underworld in their story.

The Great pyramid of Cheops, in Egypt, is aligned to the rise of Sirius. Chambers found within the pyramid are strategically positioned in reference to Sirius.

Initially it was Hathor, the great mother Goddess, who was identified with Sirius, but Isis eventually took over the title of Sirius as the Nile Star. The dog head is that of the god Anubis (or Osiris). In the Book of the Dead, Anubis is shown weighing the heart of the deceased. The weight of the heart determined the worthiness of the deceased to enter the realm of the dead.

Osiris is considered a god of vegetation, dying each year with the winter drought and being reborn with the flooding of the Nile and the growth of grain. He was believed to have given Egypt civilization.


With all these factors combined: the names of Sirius and their translations, various related mythologies about a transition to another world, and the new understanding of the influences of cosmic body’s on us, Sirius is a gateway to our own higher consciousness by taking us through the underworld of our own unconscious Visit Your URL.

It is such a heavy, difficult time, because the energy affecting us is greatly amplified. As we may feel heavier and react more negatively to events, it brings them into our open awareness, if we desire to be aware. And once we are aware of our own “stuff,” we can then start to deal with it. The Sirius transit is a great opportunity for us to be reborn.

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