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horn ladyAs we enter Fall, several things are clear. For most of us, the weather will become colder, and most cultures celebrate some form of holiday celebrating the Female or Dark Half of the Year. For some, this is a Harvest Festival, a New Year, Wicker Man Communal Gathering, or a Celebration of Good over Evil. Festivals can take many forms and differ in the number of days or rituals. Yet at their core, they connect us with the Sun & Energy system with drawing inward.

At the entrance to a cave in Southern France there is a wall carving from 25,000-20,000 BCE of a Palaeolithic goddess holding a horn in one hand while she rests the other on her round belly.She is also a little older and naked, but that is not necessarily the point.

Almost all religions, both ancient and modern, have a ritual where a sound is made through a curved or spiral-shaped object.Many cultures use a large conch shell, and the desert communities, such in Africa or the Middle East, use an animal horn. These are blown during the Fall Festivals in some cultures.

Each religion explains things a little differently, and provides detailed and precise instructions on how to make the object into the exact shape required to produce the sound. It is specifically hearing the sound that comes through the spiral that is important for spiritual cleansing and renewal. Each of these cultures, in some way, attribute Creation of the universe to this sound.

Old testament: Book of Genesis:
And God Said, Let There be Light (sound preceding light)

New Testament: Book of John:
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

Vedas, Hindu “mysticism”:
In the Beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word. And the Word is Brahman.

Ancient Egypt:
believed that the god Thoth created the world by his voice alone.horn1

The Hopi Indians:
tell the story of Spider Woman, who sang the Song of Creation over the inanimate forms on Earth, bringing them to life.

the sound of the Didgeridoo was responsible for creating the World.

African legends from Different Tribes:
tell of the origin of the world through sound.

Mayan text of Creation; The Popol Vuh:
the first humans were given life solely through the power of Sound.

Polynesia and the Far East:
the gods and goddesses struck gongs or blew conch shells in order to create the world.


So what is so special about that particular sound? 

First, there is the spiral shape: both the conch shell and the shofar that both produce these sounds. A spiral extends the distance between its rings with each rotation.  Not all spirals do this equally, yet there is one spiral that does so with mathematical precision: The Golden Spiral, and is based on the math of the Golden Ratio.


Vibrational Frequency

Now that we see mathematical perfection and the stories behind the shape of the instruments, we can look at the sounds produced.

spiral-galaxyStudies in quantum and theoretical physics (no, I don’t have exact references)  talk of superstrings, have demonstrated that all matter, in fact – everything, is at the most basic level, vibrations of energy. That applies to the chair you are sitting on, a car, your body, sound and sight. Depending on the frequency of its vibration, the strings have different names, such as ‘space-time’ or ‘sound’.

Since everything in our universe is only a vibration, it follows that our body can be affected by these vibrations.  Dr. Candice Pert, PhD, an American neuroscientist, perhaps best known for discovering the opiate receptor in the brain and polypeptides as the link between our mind and body, states, “Energy and vibration go all the way to the molecular level. We have 70 different receptors on the molecules and when vibration and frequency reaches that far they begin to vibrate”.

Dr. Masuro Emoto, a Japanese researcher, has conclusively shown that water (of which our body is over 80% composed of) alters it molecular structure in response to different words or shapes, or even to consciousness.

More interestingly and perhaps not surprising, is that it has been shown that specific  frequencies of sound can alter our DNA as well (more on that in a future post).  David Hulse is credited with recognizing sound resonance as a basic principle of good health. He studied how certain sounds and frequencies could activate DNA and discovered that biochemists use the 528Hz frequency of the solfeggio scale to repair DNA.

More recently, Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garajajeva et al have been researching our” junk” DNA, and found it can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and sound frequencies. Using a laser programmed with certain frequency patterns, they were able to influence the DNA frequency, and thus the genetic information itself.

Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language are similar, no DNA coding is necessary. It is possible to use words, sentences, or sound vibrations. This works with live DNA.


conch-soundThe Spiral Musical Instruments

The shofar and the conch shell are both in the shape of the Golden Spiral. When hollowed out and made into a ‘blowable’ instrument, the sound they make is almost identical, and can be felt right to our core. Most who hear them, feel something special in their sound and vibrations.


shofarVibrational Frequency of the Shofar & Conch

We are familiar with our modern musical scale of 7 notes: do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, with each tunes to a specific frequency. Yet, this scale we know is relatively recent. Prior to it in the early times of A.D., different musical scales were used.

masai shofar

Masai Trivesman (Africa)


Orthodox Jew

The haunting Gregorian Chants were in the solfeggio frequencies. The old musical scales, such as the Pythagorean Scale, the Chinese scale, Indian scale,  are based on mathematics and number progressions (The Golden Mean). The scale we are familiar with in the West , is based on different principles, and the frequency of each note is different than in the ancient scales.

The origins of the solfeggio scales date back to ancient times when they were sung in the Gregorian chants during religious ceremonies. But around 1050 AD, they mysteriously disappeared until recently.

The Solfeggio frequencies contain the six pure tonal notes that were once used to make up the ancient musical scale, until they were altered in the first century A.D. Our modern day musical scale is slightly out of sync from the original Solfeggio frequencies and is, consequently, more dissonant as it is based upon what is termed the “Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament.” In ancient times, the musical scale was called “Just Intonation.”

Each of the six Solfeggio frequencies correspond to, not only a note on the tonal scale, but to a cycle per second Hz frequency number, and to a specific color, and, ultimately, to a particular chakra in the body.

The notes in the scale are:
“UT” – which cycles at 396 Hz
“RE” – which cycles at 417 Hz
“MI” – which cycles at 528 Hz
“FA” – which cycles at 639 Hz
“SOL” – which cycles at 741 Hz
“LA” – which cycles at 852 Hz

The Solfeggio tones were believed to enable spiritual blessings, healing and transformation when played or sung in harmony. The frequency of 396 Hz is one of the solfeggio frequencies  which removes fear and guilt.


In Conclusion

So what does all this mean?

It means the sound of the Golden Spiral is the original sound that created our universe, and is the shape of our universe. The universe itself is a shofar shape (see post of Shofar – coming soon), so the sound is equivalent to the universe and creation.

It is the AUM, the shri yantra, the visible shape of the sound of the spiral, the original sound of creation. Hearing it helps to realign us with the original perfect thought and intent of creation, altering our DNA and resonating through our entire body, aligning us with that state, offering an opportunity to recreate ourselves in a better way. The sound vibrations can help remove negative emotions, allowing us to live less from fear and guilt, and more from direct choices and love. It may also help reprogram our DNA to its perfected state, free of disease and corruption.

Because the nature of the horn is expansive, it magnifies what comes through it. For this reason, it is important that the one blowing has a clean mind/heart and intentions.


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